Street Art as The Collectible

In the past few years, street art by Thai artists is very compelling. Graffities have become an attraction that pulls people together. The color, brilliance, and vitality of the characters created by the artist are not only on walls anymore, but also on canvas and as sculptures. They are the topic of discussion in the online world and carries art collectors’ favor. Now paintings on walls have become a tourist spot where people travel to take pictures along with becoming a home decoration and also an investment target for art investors.

Bangkok Art Auction has gathered outstanding works by 4 artists, namely Alexface, Crybaby Molly, Aof Smith, and 2CHOEY, for all to view and participate in “The Iconic Treasure” auction.

Alex Face_Graffiti_Painting
Alexface, Untitled, 2011
Acrylic and spray paint
LOT 45

Alexface is a famous graffiti artist who is well-known among street art enthusiasts. This piece was live painted by Alexface at Trasher Skate Rock in 2011, and is one of the earliest works that made the character unique to the artist. The use of graffiti art techniques on the canvas makes this work an interesting collectible piece.

Nisa-Srikumdee-Molly-The Bending
Nisa Srikumdee (Molly), The Bending, Year unknown
Fiberglass sculpture
LOT 60

This adorable sculpture is the highlight of Cry Me A River – Molly’s first solo exhibition. Molly wants to create a small safe zone for everyone to express their feeling. Conform to The Bending, which shows the character’s feelings through big tears, yet it does not make the audience feel uncomfortable with that overwhelming emotion at all.

Aof Smith, Holiday Journey, 2014
Oil on canvas
LOT 57 

Aof Smith, a highly popular contemporary Thai artist, creates lowbrow art in pop surrealism style through the character named Ferry. It presents various adventure stories, conveying a mysterious exciting emotion and a touch of a bit of fantasy. Holiday Journey, featured in this show was previously exhibited in a solo exhibition, Skeptical, and published in the book 108 Silpin Ruam Samai Tee Na Jab Ta Mong (translated as “108 Thai contemporary Artists on the Rise”) by Office of Contemporary Art and Culture Ministry of Culture.

2CHOEY_Safe and Free
2CHOEY, Safe and Free, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
LOT 47

Cherdsak Meikhanmak, also known as “2 Choey”, is a famous street artist. 2CHOEY uses a satirical pop culture character to question society. This piece is the work that was displayed in the first solo exhibition under the name Fingers Crossed at River City Bangkok. It was inspired by the situation in Thai society during the Covid-19 outbreak. This piece presents the problem of communication of public health information and access to vaccines through wolf characters and 4-piglets. In addition, the Safe and Free event is a snapshot that tells the story of the COVID-19 era very well.

These works will be displayed at True Icon Hall Convention, 7th floor ICONSIAM. The showcase starts from September 8 – 11, 2022. Thursday the 8th , open for viewing from 3 PM – 9 PM, and from September 9th to 11th open from 11 AM to 9 PM.

The auction will be held on September 11th from 3 PM onwards. Those who are interested can view the full catalogue and register from today until the auction day. Register through our website for those who want to view the lot listing online.


T: (+66) 064-828-9394

Line OA: @bangkokartauction

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