When Fashion Is Not Only Clothes

When it comes to fashion, what pops into many people’s head is mostly the subject of clothing. However, fashion is not always about clothes, but also the taste of art and living. The art itself can be fashionable. For example, art pieces by 3 artists such as Note Kritsada Phakawatsuntorn, Attasit Pokpong, and Lolay Thaweesak Srithongdee that Bangkok Art Auction have curated into The Iconic Treasure auction. Each work is filled with a sense of fashion from the artist’s point of view.

Note Kritsada Phakawatsuntorn, ForBidders I and ForBidders II, 2022
Graphite and acrylic on canvas
LOT 48

Let’s see the first fashionable art piece in this show. It is the latest work from Note Kritsada Phakawatsuntorn, an artist known for many roles such as a creative, musician, and fashion designer. It is therefore not surprising that this piece is fashionable in its own way. Kritsada recalls that this piece was a blend of two periods: the Renaissance and the Modern. ForBidders I, a figure of a healthy woman stands on a mark like a Renaissance painting is seen in what looks like a modern ideal shape in a bikini armor with a long piece of cloth draped across her body. It feels like a model posing in a studio. The ForBidders II also gives the impression of a model posing for a photographer. When the two pictures are hung together, it makes us feel like there’s a picture of 2 armored models from a magazine cover hanging on the wall.

The purple glasses and my lady_attasit-pokpong
Attasit Pokpong, The purple glasses and my lady, 2022
Oil on canvas
LOT 51

The next one is Attasit Pokpong’s oil painting. Attasit is a unique artist. His works give a sense of fashion with popping vivid colors. The Purple Glasses and My Lady is an outstanding art piece that shows red lips in contrast with a girl’s monochrome skin. The shocking pink hair and bright red lips wearing striking purple glasses making it eye-catching even more. Another interesting point about this piece by Atthasit is that the image of a woman with bright lips reflected through the striking purple glasses is another picture of Atthasit’s work, Red and My Lady. It can be said that it is a piece that records the journeys through his 41 years of age. Bangkok Art Auction brought both pieces to the auction showcase and we hope you wouldn’t miss it!

Lolay – Thaweesak Srithongdee, Frida, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
LOT 54

The last fashion artwork in this show is called Frida from Thaweesak Srithongdee – also known as Lolay. Lolay is another very talented artist who create works in a various styles, whether on the wall or on the canvas. In addition, Lolay is regarded as a pioneering pop artist of the Thai art industry. Lolay painted Frida Kahlo from his own memory. Although the woman’s face in this piece doesn’t look very much like Frida Kahlo, the elements such as the winged eyebrows, flowers, and fierce tiger – all represents Frida Kahlo in his own way. The lively colors of this work give us a refreshing spring fashion feel.

‘Fashion’ is not only remembered in the aspect of clothing worn on our bodies, but the fashion on canvas is equally beautiful and meaningful. Check out these works and more at “The Iconic Treasure” preview exhibition at True Icon Hall Convention, 7th floor ICONSIAM. The showcase starts from September 8 – 11, 2022. Thursday the 8th, open for viewing from 3 PM – 9 PM, and from September 9th to 11th open from 11 AM to 9 PM.

The auction will be held on September 11th from 3 PM onwards. Those who are interested can view the full catalogue and register from today until the auction day. Register through our website for those who want to view the lot listing online.

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